Our Mission

Unlike other agenda-driven solutions that claim to have student outcomes as their driving force, ion Software takes a comprehensive approach to data analytics and progress monitoring that favors students above all.

To this end, ion has been created to link the goals of school administrators to the work of their teachers in a way that inspires teachers to embrace data analytics as it can impact teaching and learning, as opposed to loathing it. Data systems are typically expensive and difficult to utilize. From day one, the main goal of ion has been to give teachers one easy to use tool — that actually works — in an effort to increase their ability to use data to help them make critical teaching decisions.

To accomplish this, ion created a data management and student progress monitoring tool that simplifies how data is stored and aggregated while providing a user interface that is easy and fun to navigate. After a short onboarding process, schools begin to see increased efficiencies in how data is used and, in many cases, can eliminate redundant systems that may ultimately save them time and money.

Our Story

Prior to forming ion, Kyle spent more than a decade as a computer programmer for a nationally recognized school district. During his tenure, Kyle spent years building tools to help teachers and administrators track the progress of students who required intervention plans, designed to contribute to the growth of children who were behind the norm in reading and math.

Then, in 2012, Kyle and his wife adopted a little girl from Foster Care. In an instant, academic intervention intersected with real life. He saw, through conferences with his daughter’s school, that her teachers didn’t have access to simple data systems, like the ones he worked on for years. ion was born, out of a passion for helping educators use data, which in turn would help countless kids, many just like his daughter, succeed.

“It’s personal for me,” said Holder. “I saw for years how schools wanted this type of technology – and it wasn’t available. After we adopted our daughter, it became very real. Will ion solve every problem? No. But, it will help. And, that’s all that matters.”