Advanced Data Analytics for Schools

Data doesn’t need to be daunting. Check out our advanced (yet simple) data analysis features! We’re impressed – we know you will be too!

Data Walls

ion’s Data Wall technology makes drilling into data quick and easy. Each data wall can be customized and can include Assessment, Behavior, Grades, Attendance and Intervention details. Not sure if your interventions are impacting your High Stakes Testing scores? A data wall can show you!


Data from the top down – Dashboards in ion provide a big picture look at the impact of your programs and initiatives. Customize your dashboard by dragging and dropping elements – all in your browser. Dashboards can display data wall data, attendance and behavior charts, and many more Key Performance Indicators.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced views of reporting are built in to ion. For example – run a correlation between Math and Reading scores. Dig deep into behavior. Find out what days of what months are hot spots for attendance issues. Find out if your interventions are improving outcomes.

Customizable Reporting

As if our data walls, dashboards and out of the box reports aren’t enough – we offer a 100% configurable and customizable AdHoc reporting tool – with a built-in pivot table function.