introducing ion

Most K-12 data warehouses are designed from the Superientendent down. Reports and demos are designed to impress Superintendents – because Superintendents write the checks! Don’t get us wrong – we love Superintendents – but what if there were a data warehouse designed for teachers – that was also useful for Superintendents?

What if that same system tracked MTSS, did behavior referrals, monitored attendance, managed caseloads, scheduled meetings, and managed tasks?

Luckly, you’ve already found that very system. Thank you for stopping by our website. We are exited to show you a little bit about the ion platform.

Designed for educators, by educators – ion offers a “teacher-first” approach to school data. If your teachers can’t see their data, they can’t act on it – and if the can’t act on it – it’s harder to improve instruction.

With truly cutting edge features, and a team of experts with multiple hundreds of years of combined experience in K-12 education, ion is not just a software company.

So – look around. Check out our features. Look at what others are saying about us – and if you like what you see, Schedule a Demo to see ion in action.

Thanks for stopping by!

Progress Monitor

Monitor student growth at the skill level quickly and precisely using ion’s advanced tools.


Monitor intervention group performance and fidelity of implementation with the Intervention Dashboard.


Infinitely flexible reports, data walls, dashboards and forms! We don’t force your data into a box. See your data your way!


Zero in on attendance issues with ion’s flexible reporting features. Easily spot chronic absenteeism and truancy areas.


Bring all of your assessment data together in an easy-to-use platform. Slice, Dice, View, Triangulate data to your heart’s content with our intuitive tools!


ion’s behavior platform is a one-stop shop. Behavior referrals can be entered, tracked, and reported on right from ion. No more third party tools!


Our customers love us! Read what they have to say below.

I’ve been searching for a product like ion for more than 15 years. I’m glad I’ve finally found a data tool that meets so many of our district’s needs.



The transparency ion offeres has transformed our practice from time spent ensuring fidelity of data collection and analysis to a more effective focus on fidelity of instruction and ensuring our students make maximum gains.


MTSS Coordinator

I was impressed with the functionality of the customizable dashboards, data walls, and the option of wall groupings particularly for intervention. ion is definitely current with MTSS/whole child understandings based on components embedded in the software.


MTSS Coordinator