Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Designed as a MTSS tool, ion’s best-in-class features provide flexible and intuitive skill level progress monitoring.

Skill Monitoring

With a skills-first approach to MTSS, ion’s tools provide real-time insight into student progress in intervention. Track Academic, Behavior and Social-Emotional with ease!

Intervention Groups

ion’s intervention group dashboard not only tracks progress of students in a given intervention, it tracks fidelity of implementation. Attendance and Progress Monitoring are quickly displayed – allowing you to note trends and areas of concern. Specialized intervention reports are also available, which provide helpful context for parent meetings.

Team Tools

Advanced tools – such as meeting agendas and case management simplify the management of caseloads and processes. You’ve kinda got to see it!

Resource Library

We read research, blogs, twitter – and curate the best content into our resource library. Need help on finding a numeracy intervention – it’s there. Looking for information on program evaluation – it’s there. Yes – you can even add your own resources for your district. Andrew, an intervention coordinator said “this is really cool.”