Expert Services

At ion, we don’t want to just be a software company. There are tons of “just software companies.” In the end, a software platform is only as good as the training, services and culture which wrap around it. In addition to offering our best-in-class data analytics platform, ion’s team of experts offers just-in-time professional development and training in many key areas.

Data Literacy and Application

From single-day workshops to a fully embedded data coach model, our Data Literacy and Application services help build a foundation in data literacy that lasts.

Assessment Design and Implementation

Our expert team of consultants has written some assessments – some big ones (some you’ve probably heard of). Aside from that, they’re great psychomatricians and thinkers. We can help you design assessments that are tailored to your specific needs.

Social-Emotional Learning

From Social-Emotional assessment, to implementing curriculum and designing classroom instruction – our expert team of consultants includes some of today’s brightest thought leaders in SEL .

Program Evaluation

Thinking about efficacy? We do to – and we have consultants on our team that have spent years developing Program Evaluation methodologies that are rooted in research and data.

PBIS and Behavior

Whether it is designing a PBIS framework for your district, or helping teaching staff learn new strategies for PBIS classroom management, our expert team of consultants will partner with you to deliver the perfect support at just the right time.

Curriculum and Instruction

Drawing on a team of subject matter experts, our consultant team has YEARS of experience designing, implementing and evaluating curriculum and instruction at all levels.

Title I Support

Our Title I consultants can help you navigate the complex world of Title 1 – from funding to service delivery.

Dual-Language Programming

ion’s team of consultants have vast experience developing and delivering dual language programming in various large districts across the country.

Universal Design for Learning

Our team of UDL consultants is nationally recognized for their work and influence in the area of UDL – both in Academic – but also in Social-Emotional Learning.

School Design

From the ground up, school design takes thought and intentionality. Our consultant team (literally) wrote the book on school design, and is ready to help you design a learning environment that is just right for your learners.

Technology Integration

From technology deployment to setting up a Fab-Lab, our technology integration specialists bring years of experience and insight to the table.

Job-Embedded Coaching

Not only do we offer drop-in services, but we are able to place specially trained and experienced coaches on-site for job-embedded coaching.